Pioneers in LEED Consulting, HERS testing, and more!

Alliance Energy Partners offers a variety of services that foster full compliance for LEED and other programs in the design of new and existing buildings – but we’re not like other firms in this area. Energy efficiency is the object of our work on a client’s behalf, but we are also here to help our clients conserve two other precious resources: time and money.

In today’s business universe, energy is the name of the game, and the need for more sustainable approaches is rapidly changing the rules of that game. Alliance Energy Partners is a company devoted to helping businesses deal with this new world in terms of how they utilize, manage, and pay for energy and their overall environmental footprint.

Whether you are undertaking a new building project and want to maximize your economic efficiency as well as your ecological sustainability, Alliance Energy Partners is here to help business join the new energy universe with an intimate understanding of how to manage your company’s overall use of energy.

Specifically, we offer all necessary services under a single roof, covered by the same price, and performed by leading professionals in the field who will take full control of the compliance project. What does that mean?

No change orders

No unpleasant surprises about new jobs requiring new fees and new time-consuming negotiations.

Fixed fee pricing

Clients know exactly what they are paying upfront.

Full scope of work

All tasks handled by two of Southern California’s leading energy consultants. We keep things simple.

Alliance Energy Partners, Solutions for a New World

Energy Efficiency Consulting

Our Expertise

Alliance Energy Partners was formed in 2010 to leverage our skill sets in the design and building of high-performance buildings. We have been consistently successful because of the combined knowledge, experience, and skill of our leadership team. Our principal, Jesse Crawford and Kevin Shamin, our president, have the know-how and experience to handle all matters related to LEED and other energy conservation programs.

To be specific, both Jesse and Kevin are certified LEED Accredited Professionals (APs). Jesse has spent years as a builder, so he very literally understands buildings from the ground up. Kevin is an engineer by trade who is also a Certified Energy Plans Examiner and a Certified Energy Analyst, essential for Title 24 compliance. Alliance Energy Partners is here to ensure that your structure is ready for a future where environmentally-conscious engineering will be the norm, not the exception.

Getting Started

Alliance Energy Partners is here to help buildings operate sustainably and in compliance with all relevant regulations and laws, ensuring businesses can operate at their best while helping to make our world a better place. To find out more about our services, please call the phone number above or reach out to us through our contact page.

More on LEED Consulting and Title 24:

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification demonstrates that a building is compliant with strict requirements in energy efficiency. Whether clients are converting an older structure or constructing a brand new building, Alliance Energy Partners can make sure that they are following all of the necessary regulations. Businesses that are undergoing such a process may be entitled to certain government aid, depending on the locale. We can help clients determine eligibility.

Title 24 is a series of energy efficiency standards that are mandatory under California law. To ensure compliance, our consulting services provide clients with the assistance they need to have confidence that green engineering principles are being fully enacted.

Evaluations and Modeling

At Alliance Energy Partners, we use state-of-the-art technology to assist us in evaluating your commercial or residential property. We are able to run computer simulations of your building’s designs (ideally before construction begins) to provide a comprehensive and detailed picture of your building’s energy efficiency and carbon footprint. We look at all aspects of how energy is being used for a wide range of purposes including heating and cooling and even power consumption for electronics. Afterward, we are able to make the necessary recommendations to help clients ensure that buildings meet all of the necessary qualifications.

HERS Standards

We can evaluate residential homes or residential properties according to the standards expressed in the Home Energy Rating System (HERS). We look at how your property compares to homes specifically built to meet or exceed Title 24 requirements and then grade the residence on a scale of zero to 250.

Benchmarking and Audits

Alliance Energy Partners is also capable of benchmarking and auditing your business’s energy usage. By comparing your business facilities with similar buildings, we can rate your building on efficiency and its carbon footprint. This gives clients an idea of how a building stacks up to next to its peers in terms of environmental responsibility. Once benchmarking is complete, Alliance Energy Partners can undertake an audit – essentially outlining a strategy for correcting any weaknesses in the initial phase. Ultimately, these two processes combine to identify and fix any problems relating to energy efficiency, carbon footprints, and overall sustainability.