Energy Consulting Services with a Difference

Alliance Energy Partners offers all of the services needed to achieve full compliance with LEED and other certifications under a single roof and for a fixed fee. Once we ascertain the full scope of work, our multi-skilled team is able to handle all aspects of the compliance project entirely on our own. That means no change orders and no unpleasant financial surprises or time-wasting hassles working with multiple contractors for a single matter.

Whatever the task, we are here to ensure that conserving power will also ensure the conservation of two other precious resources: time and money.

LEED Consulting

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification shows that your building exhibits high standards of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. The program includes extensive requirements, but there are many incentives for earning the certification including lower energy costs in the long term and improved public perception. We will also look into whether there may be government-sponsored incentives for earning the LEED certification available in your building’s location. Alliance Energy Partners is well versed in the requirements of this certification and can guide you or your company through the process with both expert advice and hands-on assistance.



Alliance Energy Partners lead the commissioning process for new buildings. Operating from an efficiency-minded perspective, we test and verify that the equipment installed in your facility will perform as intended. A properly commissioned system will assist your building to meet the criteria of programs like LEED.

Title 24 and Energy Modeling

California’s Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards are meant to improve both indoor and outdoor air quality in addition to ensuring that all existing and new buildings are appropriately energy efficient.

Alliance Energy Partners can run extremely detailed computer energy models of your building’s energy efficiency. This process is a state required item but is also geared towards earning LEED certification. It is intended for the planning stages of your structure and takes into account materials, energy usage, and its overall design. In essence, this modeling takes in every aspect of your project and presents you or your company with an accurate measurement of energy usage and carbon footprint.


HERS Rating and Verification

The Home Energy Rating System, or HERS Program, initially focused on HVAC and insulation efficiency in homes. However, it has expanded in recent years. Now, the HERS program compares your structure with one built to meet Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards on a scale of zero to 250.

Alliance Energy Partners is certified by CalCERTS to conduct HERS rating and verifications in both homes and non-residential addresses. Under the CalCERTS designation, we can review newly constructed houses, alterations, solar panel installation and more.

Sustainability Consulting

The trend among just about all kind of businesses is towards going green. Alliance Energy Partners can offer solid advice that helps your business to productively engage in more sustainable practices as they relate to buildings and energy usage. We are experts in LEED compliance and sustainability. We can help clients from a variety of backgrounds meet and overcome their specific challenges.


Green Engineering Design

As more companies try to construct buildings in a manner that is environmentally responsible, the need for outside expertise has risen. Alliance Energy Partners can assist your company in designing buildings that reliably limit pollution, encourage sustainability and efficiency, and ensure public health without compromising company practices and finances. We can also ensure that your company’s property is Title 24 compliant and meets the standards for LEED certification from the design phase onward.

Energy Benchmark & Audits

Energy benchmarking is a statewide requirement that evaluates your building’s energy and water usage, regardless of the application, and compares it to similar companies or facilities. As a secondary function, energy benchmarking can also determine the efficiency of a structure’s energy usage. Energy auditing is the next step, and takes the deficiencies found in the benchmarking phase and develops workable strategies to improve those areas of concern. The final goal of both processes is to simultaneously enhance energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of the buildings in question in addition to meeting the local and State requirements to benchmark your building.

Alliance Energy Partners can assist with both of these phases from start to finish, ensuring that the proper models are run and that the appropriate strategies are put into practice.


Getting Started

If you’re ready to explore how Alliance Energy Partners can assist you in lowering your structures’ carbon footprint while benefitting your bottom line, we want to hear from you. To get started, call us at the phone number above or reach out to us through our contact page.