Everything needed for HERS rating and verification is available under a single roof from Alliance Energy Partners. We are here to fully evaluate a home or a number of homes based on California’s Home Energy Rating System standards, giving residences a score between zero and 250 without any unpleasant or expensive surprises. The HERS program was originally intended to measure HVAC and insulation efficiency in homes; however, recent years have seen the program expand to include measuring how a home stacks up against Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards as well. The process can be highly complex, but our team is able to handle the project from beginning to end.

California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards and HERS

The state of California mandates that all new and existing buildings comply with a broad range of requirements geared towards making all properties increasingly energy-efficient. The California Energy Commission program updates its standards every three years to ensure that only the most modern practices are applied. The goal of this program to improve both indoor and outdoor air quality. At Alliance Energy Partners, we work hard to stay abreast of all changes while helping all of our clients achieve or maintain compliance with current and future requirements.

Many houses built in California before 1978 have only minimal energy-saving measures in place, and many homes built afterward still have significant room for improvement in this regard. Complying with Title 24 regulations not only puts properties in good standing with state ordinances, but energy-efficient homes save significant amounts of money in gas and electric bills every year – especially for large structures that may require a lot of power to adequately control energy usage. The HERS rating system is intended to measure how well a property utilizes energy and gives it a score based on its compliance with all Title 24 standards.

Alliance Energy Partners has been certified by CalCERTS, which operates on the authority of the California Energy Commission, to conduct HERS ratings and verifications in homes and non-residential properties. A high score means that your property meets or surpasses current Title 24 standards.

Why Choose Alliance Energy Partners

We specialize in providing complete support for a number of government programs designed to encourage more sustainable practices. Our company was founded to help companies and homeowners build or renovate with sustainable and environment-friendly practices in the most time and cost-efficient manner possible. By helping organizations and individuals utilize these green methods we are helping them reduce their carbon footprint as build their economic efficiency.

For more information about the many services we offer relating to sustainable building practices and evaluations, please call the number on your screen or visit our contact page to speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly experts.