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Alliance Energy Partners are leaders in providing outstanding LEED consulting services in Los Angeles because we are able to handle the entire process under a single roof. We ensure that projects are completed simply, for a set charge, and without unexpected hassles and unpleasant financial surprises.

That’s no small matter. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification showcases a company’s commitment to environmentally safe building practices. Companies that carry this certification are often entitled to certain government incentives as well as an improved public image among environmentally conscious demographics. However, the pathway to earning a LEED certification is often exceptionally difficult and tedious, particularly for those who do not have a background in green energy practices.

Of course, there is no point in trading one pile of paperwork for another. As a leading energy efficiency consulting firm, Alliance Energy Partners knows exactly how to navigate the multitude of expectations placed on builders and owners that are pursuing a LEED certification – without placing an extraordinary amount of work on your to-do list. Certification should be a smooth process and Alliance Energy Partners strives to make this process as easy and efficient as possible.

Why We’re a Leading LEED Consultant in Los Angeles

Alliance Energy Partners is led by a team of experts in this area.
Alliance Energy Partners promises upfront pricing without surprise fees and additional costs.
Alliance Energy Partners can help companies with a variety of green building practices and programs, allowing companies to go through one firm for all of their environmentally responsible LEED consulting, verification and testing needs

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LEED Requirements and Credits

There are seven minimum requirements that LEED consulting should target:

The building in question must be permanent.
The company must disclose energy and water usage data.
A minimum building-to-site-area ratio must be established.
A site boundary must be recognized and maintained.
A minimum number of users or occupants must be established in terms of building occupancy.
The building must meet the criteria for floor area specifications.
And, of course, the building must be in compliance with environmental regulations.

Why We’re a Leading LEED Consultant in Los Angeles

In addition to the minimum requirements, there are several additional areas that LEED consulting should address that may entitle your company to credits:

How efficiently does your building use water?
Are there regional concerns that your building addresses?
Does your building make use of nearby natural resources and/or ecosystems?
Are you using environmentally friendly materials and resources in the construction and/or maintenance of your building?
Does the energy and atmosphere of your building promote healthy air quality and make use of natural daylight and air ventilation?
Does your building make use of innovative technologies and practices that further improve energy efficiency and sustainability?
Is your building in a location that is conducive to easy transportation and access to other amenities?

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We offer cutting-edge and affordable technology

Alliance Energy Partners will go over each of these areas during your project’s free initial LEED consultation, addressing each specified area in order to be compliant with all directives. This process can be highly detailed, but the important takeaway is that Alliance Energy Partners will be with your company every step of the way.

When you talk to Alliance Energy Partners first, we will make sure that you are aware of all the relevant prerequisites and credits available for those pursuing certification. By maximizing the number of credits you may be eligible for, your project achieves a higher level of LEED Certification which saves more money in the long term. Additionally, buildings with a LEED certification may see increased value in their building, reduced energy and water costs, lower maintenance and operational expenses, and, if desired, the ability to more easily attract partnerships with sustainability-driven companies.

More and more organizations are building and retrofitting their structures with an eye toward obtaining LEED certification for many excellent reasons. Alliance Energy Partners understands this process intimately and we are ready to help all of our clients achieve this highly beneficial goal. While government requirements to obtain this certification vary from locale to locale, there are numerous built-in incentives that come with any green building, including improved energy efficiency and a healthier workplace.

The LEED energy efficiency consultancy process requires the collaboration of a number of highly knowledgeable and experienced specialists in the green building process. Alliance Energy Partners is here to provide all the expert advice and assistance your company needs when it comes to meeting the LEED program’s numerous requirements and specifications.

While on the surface LEED certification might look like a matter of a great deal of paperwork, all that paper directly relates to complex real-world issues. Only professionals with the level of knowledge and experience possessed by the Alliance Energy Partners in-house team in Energy Modeling, HERS Rating, Green Rater, and Commissioning can provide you with the brass tacks know-how and the in-depth technical background necessary to walk a company through the LEED certification process. We can and will provide that help for your company.

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Alliance Energy Partners strives to help companies and their buildings meet environmentally responsible goals by engaging in green building practices and by meeting the criteria for programs like LEED. In doing so, we help develop sustainable businesses that are fiscally responsible and which also improve the health of both local ecosystems and the health of their inhabitants.

To get started, call us at the phone number above for a free consultation, or reach out via our contact page.