Green Engineering Design

Alliance Energy Partners is a leading green engineering company in the Greater Los Angeles Area, serving the community by providing sustainable design and consulting. We stand ready to provide comprehensive support for all types of construction projects.

Sustainable engineering firms seek to create an environment where inhabitants are healthy, and their surroundings are pollution free. Alliance Energy Partners provides global environmental consulting that allows companies to maximize their green building practices in a manner that leads to high energy efficiency and minimal operational costs.

Why Alliance Energy Partners is your best choice

Alliance Energy Partners is a leader among an increasing number of green consulting firms. Where we stand apart from the pack is our ability to tackle nearly any green engineering or sustainability project under one roof with our in-house staff. We can help our clients with a range of services, including obtaining LEED certification as well as providing energy benchmark and auditing services, commissioning, and more. With our in-house staff providing every element your project needs to get certified, you save time, money, and deal with fewer consultants which makes team coordination very easy.


What makes engineering green?

Green engineering is the future of building, using the most innovative and energy efficient practices while ensuring harmful materials and waste products are either limited or altogether removed from the process. When performed correctly, green building efforts lead to durable structures that maximize the use of the renewable resources that go into their creation. Additionally, green engineering seeks to utilize lands and local resources in a manner that is as integrated with building practices as possible, without damaging those same local ecosystems.

The following is a list of general areas we are a leader among green architecture firms:

Energy benchmarking and audits – Measuring your company’s energy usage and finding inventive solutions for improving weak areas.
Sustainability consulting – Helping your company find ways to end inefficient practices and excessive energy use.
LEED AP certification consulting – Ensuring that your building, whether it is being built or is in the process of being refurbished, meets all of the requirements of LEED certification and maximizes the benefits available in your locale
Title 24 and Energy Modeling – Making sure a property is built to the current codes as maintained by the state of California
Commissioning – Ensuring equipment in a building operates as intended to minimize waste.
HERS Rating and Verification – Reviewing your property’s compliance with mandates established by CalCERTS.
LEED Green Rater (Mandatory on all LEED Homes projects) – The Green Rater is the site verification arm of Alliance Energy Partners. The Green Rater will verify that the required measures have been taken and will verify the credits with photos and reports.

Green building consulting firms like Alliance Energy Partners not only help to make sure that your building is employing the best and most innovative green engineering practices, they save you money by reducing energy costs in the long term. Of course, green practices will also help to boost a project’s image, attracting customers and partners who also hold green development principles in high regards.

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Alliance Energy Partners stands ready to help your company with all its green engineering needs, employing best practices that are always both financially and environmentally sound. We cater to a number of sustainable practices and programs, allowing our clients to tackle all of their environmental building needs with the help of a single source – us!

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